Vending Machines



As we carry a full inventory of machines and equipment, we can respond to a new service requirement almost immediately. We will work closely together to insure a smooth, successful transition. Our motto is to do it right or don’t do it at all.


Unlike most vending companies, it is not our practice to compel customers to sign long term contracts. We prefer to let our service speak for itself. You keep us a long as you are satisfied. In most cases, we use a simple agreement that outlines things like our insurance coverage, ownership of equipment & machines, a mutual understanding of responsibilities, and a statement of work.


Our revenue model is straightforward: We charge for the products vended from the machines. In most cases there is no charge to you for use of the equipment. O’Sullivan retains ownership of the equipment and provides the service at no extra cost.

Subsidy Option:

Some of our customers are set up as “subsidy accounts.” As such, they subsidize the cost to the end user of the vended products. Consequently, the price paid by the employee is less than the price charged by O’Sullivan Vending. The difference is paid by the company.

Service Schedule:

Machines are serviced based upon actual usage - the greater the usage, the more frequent the visits. During each service, product is restocked and machines are cleaned as necessary.

Maintenance & Repairs:

A routine preventative maintenance program helps reduce the number of instances where a machine is not operating properly. When such problems arise, however, all you do is contact our Customer Relations Manager who documents the details and assigns a highly trained technician. In most cases the technician will resolve the issue within twenty-four hours.

Refund Policy:

O’Sullivan utilizes a simple yet effective process to track when products are not properly vended and provide refunds.

Licenses & Insurance:

O’Sullivan is fully licensed and insured with a $2,000,000 liability policy. Believe it or not, many vending companies are not able to make the same claim.

You can reach us at (408) 971-4362. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Vending Machines

Complete vending solution utilizing the latest Vending Technology and brand name products.

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Office Coffee

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Free Vending

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Fresh Fruit & Dairy Delivery

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