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O'Sullivan Vending has the largest and most diverse product selection that you will find in a vending company. We have all of the traditional snacks, cookies, chips and sodas plus we offer healthy alternatives such as granola bars, fruits and dairy products. We supply some of the largest companies in the Bay Area like Facebook and Genetech so we always have a variety to choose from. You’re not limited by the normal selections you will see with most companies and we also take requests if there is something we don’t have that you would like. Below is a summary of some of the products we offer.

When you're looking for a "boost," or to replenish electrolytes and vitamins...


100% fruit juice with your breakfast? How about a bottle of water? Either way, you've got lots of choices: Flavored? Sparkling? Enhanced?

Ice cold, full of flavor... The perfect "desk companion!"

Enough said. Some things speak for themselves.

Whether it's for your cup of cereal or you just love a bottle of chocolate milk, O'Sullivan has what you want. And when nothing but an outright dessert will do the trick, look no further.

Dozens of choices of the most popular cereals... Or the perfect microwavable snack/meal... Soup in a cup

At least one new variety will be introduced in the time it takes to you to read this! We're talking in the hundreds...

That's right. Today there are many tasty snacks that are low in calories, fat and sodium. Approved for school use.

Everyone has his or her favorite (or two!) If it's not one of ours already, it will be.

Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a fulfilling snack, we offer a wide assortment of microwavable gems that will satisfy that hunger


Find out what makes us special. You can reach us at (408) 971-4362. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Vending Machines

Complete vending solution utilizing the latest Vending Technology and brand name products.

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Office Coffee

Stock your cupboards with all the break room essentials you need for a complete Coffee service.

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Free Vending

Custom solutions for companies who want to provide free products to their employees.

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Fresh Fruit & Dairy Delivery

Weekly delivery of fresh fruit and dairy products is avalable upon request.

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