Coffee & Tea Service

Office Coffee

What do you really want when it comes to office coffee & tea?

  • Great taste
  • Many choices so everyone can enjoy their favorite variety
  • Brewed on demand for freshness
  • Full selection of creamers, sweeteners, and other supplies at your fingertips
  • Conveniently located & displayed
  • All items replenished, as if by magic!

Have it all without the hassle and without leaving the building. O’Sullivan has mastered the “office coffee service” to the utter delight of our customers. Optimize office productivity while giving your valued employees precisely what they want in the most convenient way!

Find out what makes us special. You can reach us at (408) 971-4362. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Vending Machines

Complete vending solution utilizing the latest Vending Technology and brand name products.

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Office Coffee

Stock your cupboards with all the break room essentials you need for a complete Coffee service.

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Free Vending

Custom solutions for companies who want to provide free products to their employees.

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Fresh Fruit & Dairy Delivery

Weekly delivery of fresh fruit and dairy products is available upon request.

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